Thursday, April 27, 2017

Honda Odyssey the Fifth

The Honda Odyssey has reigned as king of minivans since its second generation debut in 1999. The Odyssey was the first minivan to offer navigation, and consistently innovates at the front of the herd. Honda continues to light the way for the entire market with decisive strides by a marvelous team of designers and engineers.

2018 brings us the Odysseys long awaited fifth generation. The fifth generation is familiar enough to be recognized, but has been notably enhanced- the signature lightning bolt accents have been cut deeper, the rear has been given a lift, and the body sits lower- amplifying the overall sportiness of the design. A sporty minivan may seem like an allusion, but Honda offers a compelling argument with enhanced performance alongside the striking new design.

The chassis rigidity has been strengthened by a whopping 44 percent- a key element of sport performance. You’ll experience more power this year as well via the new 3.5 L V-6 engine that takes the current years 248 horsepower output all the way up to 280. The V-6 can be paired with a remarkable 10 speed transmission that was developed in house by Hondas engineers, but most will simply opt for the already more than capable 9 speed. Considering that there weren’t any complaints about the previous models performance, the 2018 Odysseys vast advancements put some serious command behind this family hauler.

The interior of the Odyssey has been given a plethora of new options and convenience amenities. The new Magic Slide seats enable easy movement and removal of the second row, alleviating the stress of standard 3rd row seat maneuvering. Another neat new feature bestowed upon the new Odyssey is the Cabin Watch system. This new service enables the driver and front seat passenger to monitor the cabin (even at night via infrared vision) on the 8 inch center screen. The cabin talk option allows the front seats to communicate with the back via the audio system. However, not every family will be inclined take advantage of this feature considering that the Odyssey also now sports an enhanced rear seat entertainment system with video streaming, PBS Kids, iHeartRadio, and Spotify apps via a new 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection.

The 2018 Odyssey hasn’t yet been released, but you can expect to start seeing them appear in dealerships sometime this spring. Visit our site here for more information/updates on the new Odyssey.

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