Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Welcome Back, Ridgeline!!!

In 2014, Honda pulled the Ridgeline from the market. Honda was following the trend in which the midsize pickup was disappearing. Gone were the Ranger, the Dakota, the Colorado and the Canyon, with only the Frontier and the Tacoma remaining. But the people demanded, and Ridgeline is coming back!!

All New 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Now, with the resurgent of the midsize pickup trucks, the 2017 Ridgeline is completely redesigned. Using styling of the car-based Pilot, the new Ridgeline has lost some of its old characteristics. Gone are the boxy fender flares and the “flying buttresses” behind the cab. But still retains its crossover roots with the most, in class, interior cargo space with the rear seats folded. Along with its dual-action tailgate, that opens to the side for easier access to the in-bed trunk.

Redesigned Dashboard
Dual Swinging Tailgate with In-Bed Trunk

The Ridgeline is tech-heavy, having adaptive cruise control, which automatically brakes or accelerates to maintain a set distance with the vehicle ahead of you. Lane-keeping assist helps you stay in your lane and Garmin Navigation helps you find where you want to go. Honda retained some hard buttons on the center stack, unlike some recent models. Environmental controls are reasonably intuitive with toggles for dual-zone temperature selection. I'm getting more used to the 8-inch touch-screen infotainment interface with its strip of controls on the left, though I still don't like the bar-graph volume control and some functions are slow to react.

The Ridgeline has impeccable carlike driving dynamics, It has a respectable degree of truck functionality, and it has an interior cabin as roomy and comfortable as a SUV. 

Ready for your brand new 2017 Honda Ridgeline? Check out our inventory and contact us today to get yours!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Accord - 40 Years of Reputation

1976. The bicentennial birthday of America, NASA lands the Viking rover on mars, Fidel Castro settles in as the president of Cuba, and two guys named Steve (Jobs and Wozniak) made a new computer company you might have heard about. Meanwhile, Honda was hard at work to spit out their newest fun, fuel-efficient, 3-door hatchback - The Accord.

The 1976 Debut Accord 

Over 40 years, Accord has consistently set the benchmark for the U.S. auto industry, earning the trust of more American car buyers than any other car during that period. A record 30 times Accord was named to the Car and Driver 10 Best list during its tenure*. It’s also been restyled quite a bit since it's inception.

The 2017 Debut Accord

Accord has earned a reputation of class-leading reliability and durability, outstanding fuel efficiency, low emissions, and top-class safety performance through continuous improvement and innovation.
According to IHS Automotive data, Accord has been the top retail-selling car in America for the past three years**. It sounds like the most appropriate way to celebrate this “big 40” birthday is to stop in and drive one. How else can it earn your trust? Pick one you like from our inventory and contact a sales rep to schedule a test drive!

Happy Birthday Accord!

* Car & Driver, November 2015
** Based on IHS Automotive, Polk CYTD December 2015 non-luxury traditional mid-size segment new retail registrations in the US.