Monday, August 15, 2016

Honda if you Dream it you can Do it!!

Honda has reunited with stop-motion artist Pes for an ad that kicks off a big new campaign for its 2017 Ridgeline pickup. A TV ad debuting Friday during the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games uses stop-motion filming in an attempt to portray the versatility and utility of the truck, which hit the market in late June.

The ad shows six Honda Ridgeline trucks hauling materials to construct what appear to be five distinct construction projects, including a playground, a garden and a motorcycle racing track. But as the camera pans out, the scenes come together to spell out "Honda" as a voiceover declares, "If you can dream it, you can do it."

Pes, whose full name is Adam Pesapane, last worked with Honda for a spot called "Paper" that debuted in September and weaved together roughly 3,000 hand-drawn illustrations using stop-motion filming that took viewers through a paper-flipping, historical journey of Honda products. The new Honda spot is called "The Power of Ridgeline." The creative agency on the spot is RPA and the production company is Reset, with Mr. Pesapane serving as the director.
“We really wanted something that stood apart from traditional truck advertising that you see on television because it's Honda and we like to do things a little bit differently, we decided to take this turn and show all the different things that you can do with a Ridgeline -- not just the typical throwing lumber in the back and then going off to a construction site."
-Susie Rossick, assistant VP-marketing at American Honda Motor Co.

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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Honda’s rebirth of the NSX is here!

Honda’s all-new NSX supercar could give rise to even more potent versions, if the man behind the NSX’s development has his way. Faster and more stylish versions of the Honda NSX will be launched over the coming years. In an interview with the UK’s Auto Express, NSX project boss Ted Klaus said the NSX should continue to evolve, and that hotter variants could be on the cards for the future.

“I think everyone who loves cars wants to see a version that we say is ‘pure red’, The NSX has always been silver first, moving towards red later. Someone asked me, ‘when will you be satisfied?’ Probably never. What you do today, you can improve on tomorrow.”
-Ted Klaus

The original Honda NSX went on sale in 1990, with an R version joining the range in 1992. The NSX-R was specially modified for improved on-track performance, featuring stiffer suspension and a lighter body. The stereo and air-conditioning were removed, while new forged alloy wheels and a titanium gearlever helped drive down the car’s overall weight.

While we can only speculate on the new car’s power, price and performance, the Type R is likely to be at least a couple of years away. The starting price for the NSX should be around $130,000.

Despite the growth of new NSX variants, Honda is keen to restrict demand and it’s unlikely to rise much above its current capacity of eight cars a day. However, the technology will drive development advances for Honda’s more mainstream models. It’s clear Klaus and his team of engineers has high aspirations for the new NSX. It’s said to have the lowest centre of gravity in its class, designed to make it more agile and fun to drive. We asked which cars Klaus considered to be ‘in the NSX’s class’ – and he immediately listed the Ferrari 458, Audi R8 V10 and Porsche 911 Turbo as rivals.

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